Scoreland – Danni Lynne

Rates : 29

  • Sexy Danni Lynne (July 2016 Voluptuous magazine) has a blind date but he’s not blind to the immense natural charms exposed in Danni’s low-cut blouse. After a round of “getting to know you,” our two daters embark on a couch surfing trip. Danni’s big, beautifully-shaped tits bounce, quiver, shake and hang as they bang in a variety of juicy positions. What a hottie Danni is. “Anything will turn me on,” Danni admits. “You blow in my ear and I am yours! I’ll feel the chill. I’ll be like, ‘Oh my god!’ But then I’ll realize what’s going on, so I won’t just go off with him. But nibbling on my ear, my neck, my back, my legs, all those things do it for me. I just like being touched.” Danni’s blind date pops on her mams and she rubs the cream into her skin, tasting some off her fingers as she looks into the camera. Does Danni usually spit or swallow if a guy cums in her mouth? “Usually I spit,” says Danni.