Savannah Steele – Bunz Of Steele

Rates : 5

  • Savannah Steele – Bunz Of Steele
    Released: December 29, 2014
    Savannah was a smoking hot MILF. She was blonde, had big tits, a beautiful pussy, and an appetite for dick that was insatiable. Levi spotted her on her lunch break and, of course, had to try his luck with this hot mature mama. He told Savannah he had a boat and acted like a rich baller to entice her. But little did he know, her pussy was so hungry, it really didn’t matter if he had a boat or not. Savannah was gonna swab his deck no matter what. Be sure watch this hot MILF in action NOW! Savannah will never make you want a 20-year-old EVER again.