Fake Hostel – Miyuki Son

Rates : 5

  • Unbeknownst to Nick who has just walked in to his hostel accommodations, weary and horny from his travels, Asian babe Miyuki is toiling away with her laundry chores. Thinking he is alone, he closes his eyes for a quick wank and in walks Miyuki, intrigued by this fresh cock. Without skipping a beat, this hot Asian cutie is giving Nick a succulent blowjob, topless of course! Nick’s cock swells as he watches her big tits bounce freely, this definitely wasn’t in the brochure…

    Miyukui begs Nick to fuck her, and how could he say no? Bending his new friend over, he spreads her cheeks revealing a soaking wet pussy with just a tinge of hair. Parched from backpacking, Nick licks up every drop of her sweet pussy. After a few strong thrusts, Nick gifts his new roomie a creampie, then rolls off to listen to some music. Luckily for Miyuki, she notices this man’s dick does not give up as easily as he does. She hops on for a ride, further stuffing his fresh cumshot deeper into her tight pussy. It’s clear this girl is just getting started! A rigorous series of fucking is what follows, and Miyuki decides she will not relent until she’s drained every last drop out of Nick’s balls.